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A wise school

The secondary school you attend will leave a lasting impression and therefore choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions you and your parents make.

Are you interested in General Secondary Education (GSE) and looking for a wise school in Ghent? In that case, the Sint-Pietersinstituut, a subsidized private Catholic school, could be the perfect school for you! We are a ‘wise’ school in every sense of the word. 

Our school is a wonderful place of learning, with an excellent culture and climate. Achievement and effort are valued and celebrated and we strive for every student to reach his or her full potential within the context of our caring, Christian educational project. We know that young people flourish when they are happy, safe and learning. Therefore the well-being of each student is at the heart of our work.

Here students get a fine and solid training in many areas of general secondary education. They work in a calm and industrious manner. We stimulate the interest of our students in a wide range of subjects, we challenge them to develop their talents and encourage them to strive for excellence. In doing so, we not only focus on the formal education but both within and outside the classroom we also offer numerous opportunities for students to unlock their talents and develop self-worth, esteem, confidence and independence as well as character and resilience. 

Our community is built on a foundation of mutual respect and kindness. We hold high expectations of ourselves and also of the students in our care. From the beginning, students are enabled to be active, enquiring, and critical open-minded thinkers. Students are encouraged to be ambitious, self-aware and caring, so that when they leave us they are well prepared for further study and life. In short, we help you to develop into a ‘wise’ person: independent, responsible, committed and social-minded. ‘Wise’ begins with ‘w’, the first letter of ‘we’, doesn’t it? Well, you can be part of that.

Excellent teaching, stimulating resources and high expectations enable all students to learn and make outstanding progress. Our teachers are reflective practitioners and strive to promote a love of learning and intellectual curiosity. Planning for improvement is informed by strong monitoring and assessment and young people of all backgrounds are set ambitious targets and are supported in achieving these. We are proud of our staff that is constantly professionalizing itself in order to provide our students with solid knowledge and competences and to support and encourage students who need help. 

Our school has a long-standing tradition of scholarship and academic excellence. The success rates of our former students in higher education are very good and we make no apologies for saying results matter. As important as they are, however, education at Sint-Pietersinstituut is about much more.

If you are looking for an excellent education within a Christian environment respecting the diversity of our society you will like what you find at the Sint-Pietersinstituut.


Fields of study at our school


In September 2019, the government started modernizing Flemish education.

The curriculum of Sint-Pietersinstituut prepares students effectively for the transition to higher education and focuses on training theory and general knowledge. It challenges the students intellectually and prepares them for tomorrow’s world.

For 2021-2022 school year our school offers:

  • the first cycle A:

    • the first form A with three optional sections: Economics and modern foreign languages, Classical languages, Technology and mathematics-sciences;

    • the second form A with the five basic options Economics and organization, Greek-Latin, Latin, Modern languages ​and sciences, STEM sciences;

  • the second cycle with six fields of sudy: Economic sciences, Greek-Latin, Human sciences, Latin, Modern languages, Natural sciences;

  • the third cycle with different fields of study: Economics-modern languages, Economics-mathematics, Greek-Latin, Greek-sciences, Greek-sciences-mathematics, Greek-mathematics, Latin-modern languages, Latin-sciences, Latin-sciences-mathematics, Latin-mathematics, Modern languages-sciences, Modern languages-mathematics, Sciences-mathematics. In 2023, when the third cycle will also be modernized, the courses of Greek-sciences and Modern languages-mathematics will disappear, while Human sciences and Modern languages will be added.


Where to find us in the fascinating city of Ghent


The Sint-Pietersinstituut is located just outside the historical center of Ghent, within a few minutes' walk from the Sint-Pieters station, the hub of all train, tram and bus connections. A convenient and ideal location.

We also like to see our students come to school by bicycle. The wide cycle paths along the Watersportbaan, Kortrijksesteenweg and Koning Albertlaan, and the protected cycle paths along the R4 are an ideal route for cyclists. We have a spacious covered bicycle shed and even a bicycle workshop where you can repair a minor defect or a puncture together with a teacher.

Our school is also easily accessible by car. There is a proximity of the motorway, the R4 and the Kortrijksesteenweg allow motorists to easily get to our school gate.

In the Meersstraat, where you will find our school gate, you will not only see twelve to eighteen-year-olds in navy blue and white (our dress code). A very dynamic kindergarten and primary school are connected to our secondary school with separate buildings and playground. If you are curious about their story, surf to

Behind our renovated facade you will find an unexpected oasis: we have a beautiful, spacious playground and a large, green garden, as well as a great boarding school with a homely atmosphere. This is a school with character and tradition.

And yet you are really here in Ghent, that (multi)cultural university city with its idiosyncratic mentality and vibrant dynamics. The city where you might do higher studies later on …

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